Why Winter is the Best Time to Start Laser Hair Removal Treatments?

Jan 10, 2023
Why Winter is the Best Time to Start Laser Hair Removal Treatments?
Ditch the razors and waxing appointments this summer! Start laser hair treatments now to have hair-free skin to show off at the pool and beach. Here’s why you shouldn’t wait to schedule.

Do you want to put on your summer clothes without worrying about shaving, scheduling wax appointments, or plucking away unwanted, unattractive excess hair? Laser hair removal gives you permanent hair-free skin in just a few sessions. 

We at North Pacific Dermatology know how much men and women enjoy the freedom laser hair removal provides. 

Our dermatology specialists offer state-of-the-art laser hair removal using GentleMax Pro®. The technology is safe and effective for all skin types. 

Laser hair removal may take several sessions to catch all hairs in their growth stage, so starting now – during winter – makes sense. There are other benefits to scheduling treatment in the winter. Read on to learn more. 

Avoiding the sun is easier in winter

One of the crucial steps in preparing for laser hair removal is avoiding tanning and direct sun exposure for about six weeks before each appointment. It’s a lot easier to avoid the sun in the winter months.

Protecting your skin from the sun, it reduces your risk of side effects, like scarring or changes in your skin coloration. Plus, treatment works better on untanned skin. 

After each laser treatment, it’s also vital to avoid ultraviolet lights. Your skin is temporarily much more vulnerable to sun damage and burning after laser hair removal. 

Easier to skip waxing and plucking in the winter

Before your laser hair removal sessions, skip any waxing or plucking in planned treatment areas. These hair removal methods target the root, which needs to be intact for laser hair removal to work. You can shave prior to visits, and we ask that you do so. 

In winter, you’re more covered up and likely more comfortable with having a little extra stubble. 

Long sleeves and pants protect your treated skin

Winter clothes keep your treated skin protected from the sun and other elements. Right after laser hair removal treatments, you may have slight swelling and redness. Long sleeves and pants keep your sensitive skin under wraps. 

You’ll be hair-free in time for summer

Laser hair removal isn’t a one-and-done procedure. Plan for several sessions to hit all the hairs in each treatment area. The exact number you’ll need depends on the area being treated and the density of the hair there. 

Laser hair removal targets hair that’s in a growth phase. Not all hair is in this phase at the same time. You need to schedule multiple sessions to ensure you get all the hairs in a treatment area.

Usually, you’ll schedule laser hair removal sessions 4-8 weeks apart. Starting in the winter gives you enough time to get all your sessions in before a bathing suit, shorts, and tank top wear. 

The dermatologists at North Pacific Dermatology customize your laser hair removal plan according to your goals and hair type. Set up your consultation today. Contact our office to find out more about how you can be hair free in time for summer.